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But the latter is faster and cheaper.

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This can allow estimates of profits relative to costs for maintaining and operating retail stores. Subscribe Google Whatsapp Pinterest Digg Stumbleupon Delicious Print Tumblr Costs of business are generally one of the biggest burdens any company faces, particularly if there are uncertainties of how much can a business profit from its place. The one-time costs are hardware, software, staff training and other GIS computer components. For example, emergency planners need GIS because it helps save lives. How is it being collected? It has to be irrefutable. It must be easy to understand. You can use a horse and carriage or motorized vehicle to get from point A to B. But it also helps plan future emergencies and improve preparedness.

And in the end, executives are just people too… Wanting to benefit from a GIS too. The point is this: Because at your organization, there might be a better way to do things than their current process.

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In other words, monitoring competition and customer demand within the clumping of similar stores are critical factors in forecasting retail capability. Convenience stores are a classical example of small businesses that heavily depend on their locations.

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What are the applications of a GIS? Cost-benefit analysis is not unique to GIS. How does your solution solve that problem?

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What is a GIS Strategic Plan and Template?