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Employees were caught unexpected and they had not absorbed the change. The team carried out research and debate on various companies, and agreed to focus on British Airways.

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In the early stage it is important to identify the particular change along with the cause of it. This route was one of the most traveled air routes inEurope, which meant that Ryanair was taking a big risk by deciding to enter this market. It is this stage of change that is the most difficult. This led to chaos and turmoil in the organization which was uncalled for. Their course of activities and objectives must become crystal clear to them. This was a unilateral decision by BA to introduce the swipe card because the staff was not adequately consulted. Change is inevitable in every business organization, be it old or new, small or big Mrashak, The ticket booking system must be simplified as much as possible. New methods of doing things must be adopted. Although, it might take a long time for the change to take place.

Once, the change has been brought about, it is time for consolidation. Just as the foundation of a building must be rock solid in order to support the entire structure, so must be the foundations of the business.

Another problem that we have been made painfully aware off in recent years is the threat of terror attacks.

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For change to take place driving forces should be stronger than restraining forces. The ticket booking system must be simplified as much as possible.

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British Airways is one of the leading global airlines that I have selected for this assignment. Understand their position, and try to find ways for changing it. It has conquered the world through its service and quality. The second problem BA faced was The paper highlights problems of poor planning in pension plans.

It would take time for people to accept the required change and start acting positively for the change. The first step in this analysis is identifying the people who will be most affected and who are most powerful and influential. Force Field analysis will help business analyst to understand what might be involved in any potential project or process change. Like most airline companies, British Airways have had to cut back on expenses to survive in the industry. Although, there are several other models that could fit well too, this model allows a better understanding due to its simple and generic nature. It must have focused more on retaining customers which would help it in the long run as well. The focus of the BEA had been to build a European airline infrastructure. British Airways management did approach the large-scale change to its employees by implementing the swipe time cared through a change management process.

Motivational courses can also help to keep up morale.

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