Gold nucleosynthesis

That would create a rapid explosion of neutron-rich matter, allowing seed nuclei to grow into at least some of the r-process elements. The primary reason for suspecting Type II supernova is the high neutron flux required, which would require an explosive event.

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Pelisoli, A. However, over the ensuing days the emission became increasingly red, a signature that the inner layers of the debris cloud also contain the heaviest elements, such as platinum, gold and uranium. Chatterjee, S. Many dwarf galaxies experience just one brief burst of activity before settling down.

The last few orbits of a neutron star merger or a merger between a neutron star and a black hole warp and drag space-time so much that gravitational waves roar out of the system. Less than 11 hours later, observers caught their first glimpse of visible light from the source.

But its nearness, and the high number of bright stars it possess, makes it ideal for studying stellar chemistry. Steele, A. Evans, O.

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Piercing the mystery of the cosmic origins of gold