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The writer knows of no text in which the above order of reading is not followed. In many of the picture-writings Yum Kaax is represented as engaged in agricultural pursuits. At the conclusion of their wars the spoils were offered in sacrifice. The Maya conceived the earth to be a cube, which supported the celestial vase resting on its four legs, the four cardinal points. Which, if either, of these hypotheses be true, matters little, since in any event one all-important fact remains: Just after the close of Cycle 9 of Maya chronology, toward the end of the sixth century, there is a sudden and final cessation of dates in all the southern cities, apparently indicating that they were abandoned about this time. The 1 in the second term of this equation indicates that the beginning day of the fifth year has been reached; and the 1 in the third term indicates that the name-part of this day is the 1st name in the sequence of twenty. With this event ends the independent history of the Maya. And without doubt the greater part of the Maya hieroglyphics were conventional symbols built up on the ideographic principle.

And in the second place we learned in the discussion of the Maya year, or haab, just concluded, four other things: 1 The length of the year; 2 the number, length, and names of the several periods into which it was divided; 3 the order in which these periods invariably followed one another; 4 the positions of the days in these periods.

The punishment of murder was left in the hands of the deceased's relatives, who were at liberty to exact an indemnity or the murderer's life as they pleased.

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Salt, cloth, and slaves were the chief articles of barter; these were carried as far as Tabasco. The signs for the last three months of the year, Pax figs. The highest chiefs wore wooden helmets decorated with brilliant plumes, and cloaks of "tiger" jaguar skin, thrown over their shoulders. The rest of the body was buried. IV, V, p. Spinden, has enabled us to determine the relative ages of various monuments quite independent of their respective dates. His hieroglyph is a black eye fig. We use an entirely different method, however, in counting our days, years, and centuries, which are referred to as current periods of time. The apparent multiplicity of these combinations leads at first to the conclusion that a great number of signs were employed in Maya writing, but closer study will show that, as compared with the composite characters or glyphs proper, the simple elements are few in number. Both men and women painted themselves red, the former decorating their entire bodies, and the latter all except their faces, which modesty decreed should be left unpainted. He appears in the picture-writings as the Death God's companion. The Maya were a very hospitable people, always offering food and drink to the stranger within their gates, and sharing with him to the last crumb. He it was who first discovered and worked out the ingenious vigesimal system of numeration used by the Maya, and who first pointed out how this system was utilized to record astronomical and chronological facts. The faces of the younger boys were scalded by the application of hot cloths, to prevent the growth of the beard, which was not popular. It is doubtful whether this is true of any of the three codices now extant, though there are grounds for believing that the Codex Peresianus may be in part at least of an historical nature.

Spinden, H. Like the records of most ancient peoples, the Maya monuments, judging from their dates, were at first scattered and few. In a word, we know now the [ v ] chronologic skeleton of Maya history; it remains to work out the more intimate details which alone can make it a vital force.

Brinton, Daniel G. After death there followed a prolonged period of sadness in the bereaved family, the days being given over to fasting, and the more restrained indulgence in grief, and the nights to dolorous cries and lamentations, most pitiful to hear.

After the dissolution of the Triple Alliance a readjustment of power became necessary. In Francisco de Cordoba landed the first Spanish expedition [10] on the shores of Yucatan. Genealogies were carefully preserved, the term meaning "of noble birth" being ah kaba, "he who has a name.

As for the guilty woman, her infamy was deemed sufficient punishment for her, though usually her husband abandoned her. Says Villagutierre lib.

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Finally, the last number 37, with all the subdivisions above given was thrice repeated, so that these five pages of the manuscript record the passage of , days, or solar years. It is the 1st day of January immediately after midnight December When he went abroad from his city or even from his house a great crowd accompanied him. That this period was measured by centuries rather than by decades seems probable; the achievement was far too great to have been performed in a single generation or even in five or ten. It must be remembered also in this connection, that the Maya of Yucatan were the direct inheritors of that older Maya civilization in the south, which had produced the hieroglyphic monuments. A very constant symbol is the stiff feather collar with small bells attached. By this time, however, some four centuries had elapsed since the first colonization of the country, and they doubtless felt themselves fully competent to cope with any problems arising from their environment. It was then sawed in half from side to side, care being taken to preserve the jaw, nose, eyes, and forehead in one piece. Are the Maya hieroglyphs phonetic? See his introduction to the Codex Troano published by the French Government. The third group of 5 revolutions, however, was computed at Yum Kaax, Lord of the Harvest note his name glyph, below. The [ 32 ] first and third of these constitute the periods when Venus was the morning and the evening star, respectively, and the second and fourth, the periods of invisibility after each of these manifestations. In the Maya pantheon he was regarded as having been the great organizer, the founder of cities, the framer of laws, and the teacher of their new calendar. Most of the glyphs in the inscriptions are square in outline except for rounded corners fig.

While sculpture among the Maya never again reached so high a degree of perfection, architecture steadily developed, almost to the last. Marriage between people of the same name was considered an evil practice, possibly in deference to some former exogamic law.

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Another important position was that of the nacon, or war-chief.

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An Introduction to the Study of the Maya Hieroglyphs