Reacting to injustice

Not everybody will change behavior through a conversation.

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In addition, there is some dishonor of ourselves as we give up hope. Ignoring, minimising or misinterpreting consequences, such as not investigating the aftermath of an assault.

Blaming the victim is a psychological method of reaffirming a threatened belief in a just world. But if Chris likes Alex but not vice versa, there is a tension, with pressure for one or both attitudes to change.

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It is possible that psychological theories could be developed specifically for this purpose. Perceived injustice may not truly be wrong-doing once we have a full understanding of the situation and perspectives. It brings honor to no one.

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Sublimation is a form of displacement in which inappropriate or anxiety-provoking feelings are displaced onto more appropriate or positive goals. And in the process, they have tossed aside their good reputation.

This perception would be expected to be enhanced for those believing strongly in a just world, so appeals to official channels such as expert panels, courts and official inquiries will be particularly appeasing.

The responses of people vary.

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