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Amazon Prime: Included with select rate plans.

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The downside? Includes unlimited number of messages up to 1MB in size within and from the DCA to more than countries for text messages and countries for picture and video messages. In-flight texting - T-Mobile customers can text on Gogo-enabled flights. Ability to stream and video resolution may vary and be affected by other factors. Pay-per-use roaming rates will apply for such devices and plans. Includes unlimited calls within the DCA. Audio and video streaming, picture and video messaging, and other data usage, including sponsored data, will be impacted and may not be fully functional. And anyone getting two or more lines gets a free Netflix subscription with their service. Additional data can be added per-line or pooled. Disclaimer At Business. Our current provider is Verizon, and we have four cell phones in our plan. T-Mobile Tuesdays - a special customer appreciation day each week with exclusive deals. You can find a great Mhz map and explanation here. Any remaining excess Under Usage will be forfeited.

Coverage and services not available everywhere. A small business needs unlimited minutes and good enough service to keep calls from dropping.

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In the annoying absence of Wi-Fi, you can use a cell phone signal to connect a wireless device to the internet by switching on the mobile hotspot option and simply treating it like a Wi-Fi router. And, customers on Gogo-enabled flights can continue to text for free and get 1-hour of free data.

This upgrade is not separate from the One Plan but functions simply as an add-on to the base plan.

T mobile business vs personal

Plans also include usage in Canada for select connected vehicles only. ETFs paid by T-Mobile - breaking a contract with another carrier is easy, since T-Mobile will pay for the early termination fee. For emergency calls, provide location to operator. Roaming usage may be at 2G speeds. The upside? T-Mobile on Wednesday announced a new set of low-cost business plans and some deal sweeteners for consumers at its "Uncarrier 9. For included services, see www. Any remaining excess Under Usage will be forfeited. Wi-Fi Alerts automatically detects when your smartphone connects to a new network and runs a series of checks on that network to help ensure that it is behaving properly. Amazon Prime: Included with select rate plans. Stream Saver will not recognize all video content.

If you qualify, the monthly service charge discount will appear as a credit on your bill. Additional or promotional data may not be available for use outside the DCA. Loss of Monthly Service Charge Discount with 2-year Smartphone Upgrade: If upgrading to a smartphone with a 2-year service commitment, you will lose any monthly service charge discount for that CRU line.

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